AP Folio Academic Personnel Case Processing

AP Folio assists the Office of Academic Personnel in its mission to facilitate the recruitment, appointment, advancement, and development of outstanding and diverse faculty and academic appointees.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Azure Cloud Access Facilitation

Amazon Web Services and Azure provide the campus community the benefit of cloud access without entering a personal agreement.

The Division of Undergraduate Education College of Letters & Science (DUELS) Academic Advising Tool

DUELS provides online academic advising tools for the broader student population.

Apigee UC Santa Barbara API

The API Apigee webpage displays the Apigee Edge Standards and Guidelines, General Conventions, Specs, API Proxies, and Shared Flows.

UC Recruit Academic Recruitment Management

UC Recruit provides for secure online academic employment recruitment management and supports the entire recruitment workflow from creation, application, reference gathering, reviews by the search committee, and hiring a selected candidate.