Application Hosting

Application Hosting provides full-service hosting of Line-of-Business production and development platforms that offer distributed business applications, database servers, and supporting infrastructure. 

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse provides consistent, secure, understandable, navigable administrative information for standard and ad-hoc queries and reporting.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

The Hard Drive Destruction Service provides a way for ETS staff at North Hall Data Center (NHDC) to take custody of hard drives that UCSB customers wish to have destroyed and securely destroy them.

Server Hosting at North Hall Data Center (NHDC)

The North Hall Data Center provides a resource for hosting UCSB information technology systems across the Academic, Administrative, and Research communities.

Secure Compute Research Environment (SCRE)

The Secure Compute Research Environment (SCRE) features a private, secured, virtual environment in which researchers may remotely analyze sensitive data, create research results, and output their research results and analysis.

Supercomputing Overview

The ITS Supercomputing unit helps UCSB academic community members access and use the High Performance Computing (HPC) resources available from the national supercomputing centers: SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer Center) and ACCESS (Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support).